The workshops are an integration of several bodies of work including Body- Mind Centering®, Developmental Patterning, Authentic Movement and Laban Movement Analysis™, although workshops may be weighted more toward any one of these areas. There is an overall unifying motif of experiential movement in all the workshops. The goal is to personalize and integrate themes of the body such as individual anatomy, early patterns of growth and physical expression, and metaphors emerging through active imagination in movement from the personal unconscious to the collective unconscious. 

Somatic explorations are a vital aspect of these workshops. The root word "soma" means body. The meaning of "somatics", coined by Thomas Hanna, is that value is given to the body as the physical manifestation of the individual in all her/his wholeness. The body is the vehicle for change.  As the body changes, the mind changes and the energy changes. Somatic explorations involve moving, feeling, and sensing. They offer choices for a new way of being. Non-judgmental witnessing fosters a deep level of experience. This encourages physical expression to unfold in any number of ways. Movement can take on many forms from small to large, gestural to full-body, internal to external, quiet to vigorous.

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These Workshops Can Be Taken Individually or as a Group, No Experience Necessary.