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Moving Within at Studio in the Woods

Greetings and Welcome! We, the faculty and staff, would like to know about you in order to enhance your participation in the SME program or individual course. Hopefully, completing this application will help you become clearer about yourself, what you bring to the program, what you need for support, and what your goals and expectations are.

Application and Registration Form:  At the top of your application, please include your name, birthdate, and contact information including phone and email address. You can copy the questions to answer on a separate document and send to Mary Lou at

Do not send money until Mary Lou confirms that there is a spot available for you. At that time, she will send you a payment plan to reserve your spot. If you have any questions please contact: or 541 767-2697

  1. Are you interested in pursuing the certification in the Somatic Movement Education Program or are you interested in taking one course independently? What course or courses are you registering for? Please refer to course list and fees at the end of this document.
  2. What is your educational background? Please list any post-secondary schools attended, dates and any degrees or certificates you received. You may enclose a resume if you prefer.
  3. What is your work experience or other significant experience? Again you may enclose your resume.
  4. What experience (if any) have you had with Body-Mind Centering®? How did you first hear about BMC? Have you had individual session, classes or workshops with a Certified Practitioner? Who? Approximately, how many hours?
  5. Please list your experience with other body-mind disciplines (movement, dance, bodywork, other psychophysical approaches). Indicate whether your experience has been casual, serious amateur, semi-professional or professional. 
  6. How did you hear about this course/program at Moving Within? What is your goal in taking this course or program? What are your expectations?
  7. This program is experiential in nature. You will be working with yourself and closely with other individual participants and with the group as a whole. What are your experiences in working in groups? What is your experience in working in duets or trios?
  8. There will be three teachers in each course representing a range of teaching styles some of which may be unfamiliar to you. Do you know what your learning style is (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, intellectual)? Within the group of participants, there will also be many learning styles. How will this be for you? What are your strengths and talents? What are the areas where you might need support?
  9. Do you have any physical or emotional conditions that could affect your participation in this program? Can you describe?
  10. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
  11. Do you have any concerns about your participation in this program?
  12. Please indicate and sign an acknowledgement: “With my signature I acknowledge that I take full responsibility for any injuries that may result from participation in this workshop. Photos may be taken during the course to use as publicity material such as the Moving Within website. My signature indicates my permission to use these photos unless I notify in writing before the workshop or on the last day of the workshop that I do not want my photos used. “


Homework: For Certification, students also need to complete certain homework. 
These are 5 guidance sessions with a Practitioner/Teacher of BMC, 2 private sessions with a BMC Practitioner/Teacher, 10 study sessions and 5 SME classes (where you teach the material to a small group of people), 100 hours of movement classes and 50 hours of meditative practice. The costs for the homework are not included in the course fees and are only required for those who wish to graduate as Somatic Movement Educator. 

To Reserve Your Spot: Enrollment in Moving Within SME Program is limited to 14 people per course.  If Mary Lou has confirmed space in the course you are interested in, you can reserve a place by: 1. paying a deposit of $500. per course or $1000. per module (two courses) and 2. paying in full the balance of the cost of the course(s) by 4 months before the start date of the course. Mary Lou will send you a detailed payment plan or you can refer to the Registration PDF which includes it. 

Policies:  Enrollment is by full cost of session. There is no pro-rated enrollment for partial attendance. Students can repeat a course at half price when space is available.

Cancellation Policies: Cancellation 2 months before course: refund or credit towards another course, minus $50. processing fee. Cancellation less than 2 months before: no refund or credit, unless we can fill your spot. If the spot gets filled, refund or credit can be applied to another course less $50. processing fee. 

The course fees do not include residential fees. Residency fees are $60. a day which includes all meals and fully equipped tents.