In this workshop, we will consider the three brains: Head, Heart and Belly Brains. Locating the anatomy of these structures in our own body is a foundational premise of embodiment. It is here in the tissue that we find feelings, sensations and wisdom no longer allocated to the head brain alone. The heart and the gut have their own nervous system that operates outside of the Central Nervous System. Each has its own intelligence and its own ability to maintain autonomy.  The heart picks up vibration of others from distances of up to one hundred feet away. We literally can sense good and bad 'vibes' and all the 'vibes' in between.  The gut has an acute sense of knowing when we are safe or when we are in danger; when we are welcome and when we are alienated. From a Body-Mind Centering® premise, we will engage in experiential anatomy, movement explorations and focused awareness with the goal of living more fully in our three brains.