This workshop is built on Authentic Movement that develops witness consciousness that aspect of the Self that is non-judgmental, wise and unattached.  To be truly compassionate in our world, to have the ability to listen to all ranges of perspectives, to understand and empathize with others, all this must begin with individual reflection of one's relationship to self. Through this course, the passage begins and continues with a pledge to one's personal body: physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual. Dedicating attention to movement from an internal impulse, allowing the body to lead, allowing the unconscious to rise to consciousness, the potential to bond with the Self is made possible. Through the process self-love can grow including self-insights, self-understanding, self-forgiveness, self-compassion. As one becomes increasingly aware of this unfolding process, it is solidified through specific verbal language. The hope is that as one develops positive regard to the self, one can also extend positive regard to others.