This workshop is built on Authentic Movement that is a mindfulness practice where one's individual movement impulses lead to an inquiry of unconscious material. Authentic Movement has its origins in Carl Jung's work with active imagination and the term 'shadow', that he often used. Active imagination is activity based where one doesn't plan or prepare but rather allows whatever is in the conscious or unconscious to come into expression in an unfolding and spontaneous manner. It can be applied to many things such as: drawing, writing, sand play, and/or movement, as in Authentic Movement. 'Shadow' is any element of self that we do not recognize or are aware of. Mostly below the surface of consciousness, 'shadow' is not necessarily a negative aspect, it can be any part or characteristic of the self that is not integrated or acknowledged and yet plays a dynamic role in how we behave, feel and relate to ourselves and to the world. Through movement, writing, drawing, and verbal processing, we will explore these concepts with the goal of recognizing and integrating our own shadow and perhaps therefore, recognizing shadow in our world. When we see and acknowledge shadow, we can more easily know when action is necessary.