From a Body-Mind Centering® perspective, we will explore features of the body that offer us stored energy, power and containment. Through experiential anatomy, movement explorations and focused awareness, we will indulge in the skin and fat of our individual body. The skin covers every square inch of us. It encloses us and separates us from the world and people around us. And yet paradoxically, it is through the skin that we touch and connect with the people and the world around us. Fat is often looked at as a negative feature of our bodies. And yet fat is where we store energy and are able to sustain ourselves through prolonged durations of work expenditures. Fat insulates, cushions and protects us from injury. As a fluid, it can be mobilized to express personal power. It is these concepts that we study and embody in this workshop with the hope that we can sustain ourselves and find comfort within.