Many people come to the Studio in the Woods to explore physical questions involving pain, injury, repetitive stress syndrome and dis-ease. Others come to investigate physical manifestations of psycho-emotional issues in their lives. Some come just to rejuvenate and re-member their wholeness.

Regardless of the reason, the work is designed to help you find the choices and resolutions appropriate for your situation. In this work, you are the expert. The session will facilitate access to the knowledge you have available within. True healing comes from within; One has to be in harmony with self in order to heal. The sessions are designed to open the door to understanding, awareness and embodiment and to repattern habits that are no longer beneficial.

This type of work does not take the place of psychological counceling, medical intervention or physical rehabilitation. It does offer a way to be present and knowledgeable from a Body-Mind place with whatever is manifesting physically from the body.

Private Sessions Fee for 1 1/2 hours is $80.

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